Ortiz Martial Arts Academy

We teach in a safe, professional, and controlled environment which fosters fun, friendship, and respect. Come along and see for yourself.

Your child will feel safer, confident in emergencies/hostile situations or just in breaking their fall. Practising Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) helps in channeling ones emotions positively.

We believe this is the Best Place to Learn Martial Arts.


We’re happy to Introduce to you one of the best training facilities in Australia. With 650sqm of 2 levels, BJJ, Judo, Thai Boxing and MMA training facility with the ultimate in equipment that any practitioner would wish for.

We believe this is the right place for you to get started in Martial Arts.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art for men, women, and children. It aims to teach highly effective techniques which when proficient, can be used to overcome stronger opponents. An excellent way to increase your self confidence & physical fitness.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a unique form of physical activity using movements and exercises which are beneficial to your health; it can help improve muscle tone, increase aerobic and anaerobic capabilities and lower body fat percentage.

Apart from learning the best form of self-defense, BJJ also has psychological benefits. It leads to better self-esteem and a sense of empowerment, often providing one with a more positive and peaceful outlook in life.


Our academy came into being in the year 2009.

A relatively new martial art Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) started off as a mixture of Judo and Japanese Jujutsu. BJJ has been rapidly evolving since its birth in Rio de Janeiro during the 1920’s.

It was in 1914 that one of the world’s greatest Judo practitioners – Mitsuyo Maeda, arrived in Brazil. Carlos Gracie decided to start training under Maeda. Carlos passed Maeda’s teachings to his brothers.

The youngest of the brothers, Helio, started to develop what would become the modern day BJJ techniques. Helio and Carlos Gracie are regarded as the founders of BJJ.

Edson Ortiz

Edson-Ortiz-Martial-Arts-InstructorYou’ll be guided and taught by the Head Instructor “Edson Ortiz”. Edson is a very passionate and dedicated instructor and is also currently listed as one of the top instructors from Australia as rated by the website http://www.ratemybjjinstructor.com

“The reason why I got into this business was to help the local community. I noticed an increase in violence among our teenagers in the past few years. I had the privilege to teach over 700 people since we started. And I couldn’t be more honored to have the most wonderful people to be part of my school. There is no other place like ours.

If you’ve ever been demotivated to learn Martial Arts because of bullies, partners or clubs or even intimidated by instructors and academies, then you aren’t the only one. I think a lot of people were introduced to Martial Arts in the wrong place and usually end up having the wrong concept about it.

I would like you to give me the opportunity to show you my training facility, to meet my students, friends and family at our academy. We’re an academy which empowers you through Martial Arts to grow and achieve all the benefits of this gentle art.

I come everyday to the academy to share my knowledge and experience, to laugh and play with my friends and students, to have the best time I can. All my students share the same values as me on the mat. Because of this our place is the perfect place to achieve your goals”

BJJ – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Overcome stronger opponents, improve physical fitness & self confidence.

Thai Boxing / Muay Thai

Kick, punch, knee, & elbow, power, speed & endurance, Sophisticated training

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Build yourself into a weapon. Always exciting, Diverse techniques

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