Teens – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Teens (Age 10 – 15 years)


This age group is the most important phase in the formation of an Adult.

The kids at this age have to go through so many changes and discoveries on their own. Most of the time they will find themselves without proper guidance. This could leave them vulnerable to bad elements of the society. According to studies great majority of adult depression is related to the trauma of having been bullied when they were young. In most cases the child ends up losing self esteem and confidence. This could eventually result in rebellion, mixing with the wrong crowd, laziness, low grades, low energy, alcoholism, or drug addiction. So as parents we must act soon.


This program is specially made for your child and is bully-proof and a surefire way to safeguard them throughout their life.

First of all at this age they need a good model to mirror, not some weird rock star. Someone who can guide them in the right direction on a daily basis. I personally and my team will be that model. My passion for the sport and teaching and mostly the friendly relationship I have towards my students will make them feel welcome as they’ll want to be here more often.

Secondly we won’t be using a critical approach; instead we help the child to develop at their own pace.

Third every single student will be looking forward to achieve their best. We will guide them through physical and mental skills that will stay with them forever.

Throughout the training they will build healthy bonds with other students and professionalsgiving them a boost in their confidence. In fact the bullies are less likely to target self confident kids. We also help them increase their awareness by using subtle dramatisation of a probable bullying scenario. This demonstrates the most common physical and verbal abuse used by bullies. Being ready means mentally & physically preparing the child to deal with bullies which leads to greater success in their life.


The much rewarding journey through regular practice and training will improve your child’s life beyond Martial Arts.

BJJ – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Overcome stronger opponents, improve physical fitness & self confidence.

Thai Boxing / Muay Thai

Kick, punch, knee, & elbow, power, speed & endurance, Sophisticated training

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Build yourself into a weapon. Always exciting, Diverse techniques

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