Mixed Martial Arts

The combination of most effective martial arts. Build yourself into a weapon by harnessing the most effective techniques from each style.

The main advantage of Mixed Martial Arts training over other combat sports is that there is always something new to learn, and a great diversity of different techniques and styles, so always exciting and never boring.

MMA allows a wide variety of fighting techniques taken from different combat arts such as BJJ, Thai Boxing, Wrestling including Sambo and Judo. The rules allow for both striking and grappling techniques whilst standing and on the ground to be used. MMA is one of the fastest growing combat sports due to its mixture of kicks punches and submission techniques and the athletes who take part in this exciting discipline are some of the fittest and best conditioned sportspeople around thanks to their training.

The Benefits

Lose weight and body fat
Get fit, healthy, and toned
Learn the art of self-defense
Inherit more confidence and self-discipline
Release stress, feel rejuvenated, and increase your energy level
Meet different people and make new friends

BJJ – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Overcome stronger opponents, improve physical fitness & self confidence.

Thai Boxing / Muay Thai

Kick, punch, knee, & elbow, power, speed & endurance, Sophisticated training

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Build yourself into a weapon. Always exciting, Diverse techniques

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