Free Martial Art Trial Classes

What to expect

  1. Familiarize yourself with our school
  2. Meet the instructors and students
  3. Check out the facilities provided
  4. Experience the classes first hand
  5. Get started on some basic techniques
  6. Try out BJJ, MMA and Thai Boxing


Check the Time Table and decide on the class you wish to attend
Check the Map for the location of our school. See Parking Info below.
Arrive at the academy at least 20 minutes prior to the class you are attending
Fill up the short application form provided at the entrance
Introduce yourself to the instructor and join the class


Your Driver’s license or an ID card. (If you’re younger than 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or carer)
A Bottle of water is recommended
Bring a towel
You can also buy refreshments at the academy


Do NOT wear anything with extra pockets, belt or zippers.
For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and MMA wear loose fitting clothing (T-shirt and shorts / track pants)
For Muay Thai or Kickboxing wear T-shirt and shorts and If you have boxing gloves you could bring them along.


Please keep your feet clean. Do not come barefoot to the academy.
Always wear sandals or shoes and then leave them at the change-room or beside the mat.

Hair and Nails

If you have long hair please tie it into a ponytail or bun during class.
Make sure your fingernails and toenails are trimmed.


If you have ear rings, jewellery, watch or exposed piercings please remove them prior to training to avoid injuries.


Don’t worry if you don’t get the exercises right, nobody does on their first day, it will take some practice.
During warm-ups it is important to follow your own pace and not that of others.
Remember we are here to guide you and soon you will be a Pro.

Have FUN

Prepare to have lots of fun and look forward to the start of a wonderful journey in the world of Martial Arts.

After the Free Trial Classes

If you wish to join the school Please take note of the following:
For BJJ please wear a (GI or Uniform).
For Thai Boxing please equip yourself with: 16oz Gloves, Mouth Guard, Hand Wraps, Chin Pads.


There is plenty of parking available at the street or in the complex.
Please do not park in other business parking spots
Please do not park at the entrance of our Academy.

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