Adults – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Adults (Age 16+ years)


People from all walks of life learn BJJ to derive its varied benefits such as fitness, fun, self defense, weight loss etc.

BJJ is a rare mix of aerobic and anaerobic activity. Lose weight, build strength, increase flexibility, train for a Martial Arts competition etc…Whatever your goals are you can achieve it through Jiu-Jitsu training. Along with the physical enhancements you will experience many other significant benefits. You will experienceincreased levels of confidence in many aspects of your life.

In this program we teach real BJJ, meaning practical and effective Martial Arts. Also our classes are perfect for anyone looking to learn useful and practical self defense. Our academy incorporates excellent techniques, dynamic workouts and fitness, live sparring and competition training to name a few.

Although our classes are very intensive and demanding which utilize vigorous exercise programs, I recognize that each student is an individual with unique goals. We work with each student and help the student progress at her or his own pace based on the student’s athletic and martial arts background and level of fitness.


Our program of techniques was meticulously developed to enhance the speed at which thestudent can develop their skills and clearly understand the techniques. Our Academy has a non-threatening atmosphere and I really expect all my students to make everybody feel welcome and be a part of a family oriented and friendly environment.


You will see yourself gaining strength, flexibility and endurance. You will see an increase in energy and a decrease in stress. You will start to see what your body can really do and you will love it! Besides this I’m expecting that through our academy you shall make friends for life. You will become wiser and happier just by the fact that you are able to be on a mat wrestling with friends and family members. I want to share the joy that I myself have experienced by training BJJ over the years.

BJJ – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Overcome stronger opponents, improve physical fitness & self confidence.

Thai Boxing / Muay Thai

Kick, punch, knee, & elbow, power, speed & endurance, Sophisticated training

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Build yourself into a weapon. Always exciting, Diverse techniques

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